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Your Summer Property Maintenance Check List

26 Jul 2017

Simple ways to refresh and revitalize your property this summer

As a homeowner, you should take pride in both the interior design of your home and in the exterior curb appeal of your property. Your home is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to maintain it’s foundation and to guarantee that if you ever decide to sell, your beautiful property will be in high demand.

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To help ensure that you’re unlocking the full potential of your property, we’ve created the following summer maintenance checklist to remind you of all of the little fixes that can go a long way!

Cutting The Grass

Overgrown grass is one of the most common complaints regional bylaw officers receive. By maintaining the length of your lawn, as well as weeding, your property will not only look pristine and polished, but you’ll also make your neighbours happy and help to establish the well-kept aesthetic of your subdivision. If your grass is dead or damaged, be sure to give it some attention – water, fertilizer, and new sod can help!

Gardening & Landscaping 

Gardening and landscaping can get pricey, but small additions to your yard and garden can go a lot further than you think! A few planters, patio chairs, a welcome mat, and some stepping-stones can turn a drab front yard into an oasis. Get creative and surf the Internet for easy, low-cost, DIY yard projects. You’ll be the envy of the entire street!

Clearing the Garbage 

While it may seem like a no-brainer, be sure to check your yard for garbage and debris, especially once the snow melts! The wind can brush garbage into your yard from both your own, and your neighbour’s garbage bins, so it’s helpful to do a spot-check every so often. This can include discarding cigarette butts and removing pet waste left behind by others. 

A Fresh Coat of Door Paint

Over time, your garage door and front door can begin to chip, flake, scuff, fade, and look run-down. A new coat of paint, and incorporating stunning colours into your design, can drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. Check out some paint swatches at your local hardware store and find one that fits your vibe and style.

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Cleaning The Gutters

Your rain gutters are responsible for helping water to filter down and away from your roof and home, preventing damage and deterioration. However, when leaves and debris build up in your gutters, water gets trapped and begins to pool. This pooling water is harmful to the structure of your home, and also attracts bugs, such as mosquitos. Cleaning your gutters may not add significant value to the look of your home, but it will help to extend the life of its structure. 

Sealing Your Driveway 

Just like exterior doors, your driveway can start to crack and fade as time passes. Summer is the perfect time to seal and protect your driveway with fresh sealant. This process will help to prevent further damage to your driveway, and the jet-black coating will improve the look of your front yard. 

Inspecting Roof Shingles

To prevent leaks, it’s important to have your roof shingles inspected every few years. If your roof is in need of repair, be sure to contact your local trusted roofing company to assess the damage. Repairing your roof can become expensive, but compared to the damage a leak can cause; the investment in your property is worth it. 

Staining The Deck 

Looking to update the look of your back deck or front porch? Re-staining faded wood can bring new life to your yard. Stain must be applied when temperatures are between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius, making the summer the perfect time for an update! 

By considering and checking off the above items from this list, your home will provide the perfect setting for your family to enjoy an incredible summer. As a bonus, your houseguests will be delighted by the dedication you’ve taken to treat your home with love.