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What to Consider When Buying Your First Home

01 Aug 2017

Buying your first home can be a scary, confusing, and intimidating process – but it shouldn’t have to be. At Bradley Homes, we are here to help you every step of the way. Our mission is to make buying a home as exciting as the day you move in!

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To help new homebuyers to navigate their purchasing decisions, we’ve collected a list of things to consider when buying your first home:


A sense of community is one of the biggest draws for new homebuyers to a certain area. If you are thinking of starting a family and building a life in your new home, you’ll want to consider the safety of the area, closeness to quality schools, access to community centre’s, and other things that may be important to your family. 

Bradley communities attract community-minded people who are looking to enjoy life in a desirable and resourceful area of the GTA. For those living in Toronto and are curious about new homes north of the GTA, read about the types of neighborhoods Bradley Homes builds in, in our article ‘What Its Like To Live In A Bradley Community’.

Home Uniqueness

Many people drive through old communities and see the same home, built the same way, with the same colours, multiple times down the same street. This doesn’t happen anymore. Today, there are many rules, and architectural controls that make sure communities have more variety in design - even colour packages have to vary from home to home. Therefore, if uniqueness is important to you, a new home may be your best option. New homes also allow for customization and more buyer control.

New Homes Vs. Lived-In Homes

There are many reasons people prefer to buy lived-in homes. With a lived-in home, you can see what you’re going to get, what work needs to be done (at least superficially), and you can get a feel for the community.

A new home, generally bought from a plan, is a scary concept to many, but can also be incredibly exciting! Buying a new home means that your new home will be:

  • Built the way you want.

  • Customized to your needs.

  • Verified by the newest building codes

  • Inspected several times.

Be sure to weigh both of your options to determine which type of home will fit your needs best.

Homebuilder Reputation

The biggest difference between homes comes down to the difference in builders. Each builder has their own style, level of professionalism, incentive offerings, pricing, locations they build in, and of course, reputation.

Before you purchase your first home, be sure to perform builder research. Ask around and search online to see if the builder you’re interested in working with is reliable, honest, hard working, and produces great work. To learn about our Bradley homebuilders, check out our article ‘Are All Homes Created Equal?’.

Set Boundaries For Who Is Involved

Many people start looking at buying a home and quickly learn that everyone has an opinion - from parents to coworkers, and friends, the experiences greatly vary, and the details can start to become overwhelming.

While advice can be valuable for those, who have never purchased a home before, put the residents of the home first. You have to live in and afford the house; others don’t.

Also, consult a lawyer to review your sale agreements and to ensure you are completely aware of what your mortgage contracts entail. Professional advice is always best when it comes to home buying. 

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Saving for a new home is tough, especially if you’re currently paying rent. However, the idea of not paying rent is a fantastic feeling, and it makes that payment worth while knowing that the home is yours.

Bradley Homes require a very low deposit, allowing customers to save for the down payment over time before the house closes. We also impose no real estate fees, lot levies, or high-pressure sales tactics – making your first home buying experience enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

At Bradley Homes, we put families in a better place. Have questions about Bradley Homes, the homes and communities we build, and our related homebuyer services? Contact us today to learn more:

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