Popular Paint Predictions for 2019

November 16, 2018

It’s that time of year! We’re making our popular paint predictions for 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited about all that the New Year will bring. From new home designs to new interior decorating trends, 2019 offers the themes of wellness, ambition, and hope.

Silver Thaw by DuluxSILVER THAW BY DULUX

Silver Thaw is a piercing gray, that when juxtaposed with a strong navy blue or dark purple, will make any bedroom or kitchen a place you want to be! 

Don’t want to overpower with dark tones? Pair Silver Thaw with white and just a few subtle pops of bold colour – pillows, appliances, throw blankets, etc.

Cool and sophisticated, we absolutely love this mix by Dulux. 

Smoke by Benjamin MooreSMOKE BY BENJAMIN MOORE

Smoke is ideal for any space in need of an inviting, calming element. In other words, we suggest using this colour in every room of your house. Just kidding!

In all seriousness, Smoke looks stunning in a chic and polished bathroom or in a baby’s room. Want to glam it up? Smoke will thrive in a space where you can add a little silver sparkle!

Colour swatch - Elation by Sherwin-WilliamsELATION BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

Elation has us elated! Mixed from the purple family, Sherwin-Williams Elation is fresh, inspiring, and magical. Perfect for a home office or spare bedroom, Elation looks great with whites, soft grays, and blacks.  

Colour swatch - Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore HALE NAVY BY BENJAMIN MOORE 

Hale Navy is undoubtedly a timeless classic. As stated by Benjamin Moore, “this deeply saturated shade of navy blue evokes rich maritime traditions and storied exploits at sea.”

Where can we see this colour going in your home? Think outside the box! How does dark island cabinets sound to you? 

Colour swatch - Moth Wing by Sherwin-WilliamsMOTH WING BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

Looking for a paint colour that is a bit more earthy and natural? Moth Wing might be the perfect colour for you!

Paired with subtle gray-blues or off-whites, Moth Wing brings instant grounding to those who experience it. What more could you want? 

Colour swatch - Merlot by Sherwin-WilliamsMERLOT BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

Cheers to Sherwin-Williams! Merlot is a hit! This dark wine colour brings the drama and evokes passionate creativity.

However, our suggestion is to use Merlot strategically, such as for an accent wall, as it can make a room feel very dark if used in excess. 

Colour swatch - Metropolitan by Benjamin MooreMETROPOLITAN BY BENJAMIN MOORE

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore.  Chic and sophisticated, this subtle gray with cool undertones will inspire themes of modern 21st-century design.

We think this colour would look incredible on your black-framed family photo wall. 

Colour swatch - Delightful by Sherwin-WilliamsDELIGHTFUL BY SHERWIN-WILLIAMS

Have you seen a more delightful subdued pink that Delightful by Sherwin-Williams? Standing true to its name, this colour can be complimented by dark navy’s, soft blacks, whites, and calming blues. 

Colour swatch - Old Money by DuluxOLD MONEY BY DULUX

Want to make a wall pop? Looking to command attention in a creative space? Old Money by Delux demands respect and promotes decision-making. 

Our suggestion is to use Old Money in space where business is conducted or abstract, intelligent conversations are had – in a home office, in your art gallery, or in your library. 



Brightness in a room can impact the undertones of your favourite paint colour. Natural light is the best light to pick paint colours in. Therefore, take swatches home to make your decision.  


Did you know that different spaces suit different paint sheens? High gloss, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, matte, and more. Do your research to ensure your desired paint will have the kind of finish you’re looking for.


A lot of people make the mistake of cutting corners – buying cheap rollers, not buying paint tape, and choosing to purchase paint at discount prices. We advise against this, as it can be more costly to correct a problem than to do it right the first time.

Also, we suggest also purchasing a sample can of paint to try it out before investing in two-litres of a colour you might end up hating!


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