Popular Paint Predictions for 2018

November 24, 2017

Paint can do wonders in transforming any room in your office, home, or business. Colour can make your living or working space feel warmer, brighter, more mature, more festive, or completely Zen – depending on the shade and feel your colour of choice promotes. 

A couple looking over paint cans and paint swatches

So, as we begin 2018, our team decided to explore which paint colours we expect to revitalize the blank walls of our new builds this year. Here are just a few of our favourite popular paint predictions for 2018:

Colour Swatch - Dulux - White on WhiteDULUX – WHITE ON WHITE

There’s nothing more classic, pure, or traditional than white paint. However, a plain white can too closely resemble ‘builder beige,” and will suggest that your walls were never painted at all. 

That’s why we suggest that you choose an off-white grey shade, such as Dulux’s ‘White on White,’ which is refreshing and less sterile and bland than regular white. We also suggest that if you paint a room white, you should also leverage a variety of vibrant colours through your accent throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and décor. 

Colour swatch - Behr - Spacious SkiesBEHR – SPACIOUS SKIES

Light blue is the secret ingredient to making any room feel larger. Breezy, relaxing, serene, and bright. Behr’s ‘Spacious Skies’ will make your room feel open, airy, and like you’re enjoying a perfectly sunny and crisp day outside. A great alternative to bright yellow, light blue will also cause you to feel lighter and happier, yet it will be easy on the eyes.  

Colour swatch - Dulux – AhoyDULUX – AHOY 

Ahoy there! Yes, it’s true. One of our most favourite colours for 2018 is a dark navy and nautical blue. Resembling the night’s sky, this dark blue will provide the perfect base for any accent wall. 

Picture this colour behind the TV in your living room, your bookshelf, or the headboard in your bedroom. It’s mysterious, deep, and intense, and blue is proven to improve productivity and to reduce pulse rate! What more could you want out of a paint colour?!  

Colour swatch - PPG Paints - ThunderbirdPPG PAINTS – THUNDERBIRD 

A great fit for a laundry room, sunroom, or guest bedroom, ‘Thunderbird’ is the perfect mix of coffee, sand, concrete, and natural stone colours. 

Brown shades evoke strength, stability, reliability, restfulness, and they are very grounding. Brown is also associated with security, as it is very subtle when compared to ‘in your face’ bright neon’s. PPG Paints Thunderbird is comforting, earthy, and will relax your guests whenever they visit your home. 

Colour swatch - PPG Paints - FlagstonePPG PAINTS – FLAGSTONE

A classic choice, PPG Paint’s ‘Flagstone’ (and similar colours) are the go-to choice of any decorator. Neutral, inviting, and calming, this colour offers up the potential for great contrast in kitchens or bedrooms. 

Ideal for any room, this beautiful grey will be the perfect subtle colour behind any of your favourite colourful art pieces. 

Colour swatch - Sherwin Williams - Hunt Club SHERWIN WILLIAMS – HUNT CLUB 

This deep and sophisticated ‘Hunt Club’ green by Sherwin Williams is perfect for offices, dining rooms, and home libraries. Green cools down a room and adds a refreshing touch to otherwise serious work and living spaces. Green has also been associated with tranquility, good luck, wealth, and good health. 

Sounds like a prosperous 2018 to us!

Colour swatch - PPG Paints - Ballet Slipper PPG PAINTS – BALLET SLIPPER 

Ideal for bathrooms, powder rooms, nurseries, or offices, PPG Paint’s ‘Ballet Slipper’ is delicate and darling. Adding femininity and warmth to your walls, ‘Ballet Pink’ couldn’t be sweeter. This shade will, of course, be most loved by little ones who love to dance and be nostalgic for grown-up ballerinas. 

Colour swatch - Dulux - Smoky QuartzDULUX – SMOKY QUARTZ 

Stunning in a living room, kitchen, or den, ‘Smoky Quartz’ is a mature, romantic, and classic dulled pink. Adding maturity to any bedroom, this shade is joyful, creative, and nurturing. This colour is also perfect for painting décor accents such as wooden picture frames and other creative DIY crafts. 

Colour swatch - PPG Paints - Black FlamePPG PAINTS – BLACK FLAME 

Labelled as PPG Paint’s next “it” colour for 2018, ‘Black Flame’ is also one of our top picks. Dark colours absorb light in a room and add a fashionable and sophisticated confidence to a room. Sleek and edgy, ‘Black Flame’ will look incredible in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or recreation room. 

Swatches Source: Dulux.com

So, whether you choose to tackle painting your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or laundry room first, be sure to investigate not only the colours you like but also the theory behind those colours and how they might make the room feel.  

Head over to your local paint store and choose from a selection of paint samples that you can bring home and into the room you’re considering them for. Designing and decorating a room can be timely and expensive, so be sure you’ve found the right colour scheme before you get started.

Happy painting!