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Getting To Know Your Neighbours

17 Aug 2017

If you’ve ever moved into a new neighbourhood, you know that while it can be slightly intimidating to meet new neighbours at first, knowing those who live around you can make life a lot more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable. That’s why we encourage all of our Bradley Homes families to get outside and to meet each other! 

Neighbours sitting at a table outside enjoying drinks and a meal

To help you to make the first step towards engaging with your community members, we’ve identified the following tips: 

Spend Time In Your Front Yard

The best way to meet your neighbours is to spend time on your front porch and in your front yard. Sit outside and watch the kids draw with sidewalk chalk, start up a game of road hockey, or work in the garden. By spending time outside, you’ll meet other parents who are also watching their children play, have the chance to say “hi” to neighbours passing by, and your kids will be introduced to potential new friends. By putting yourself out there, you may even meet a lifelong friend yourself! 

Host A BBQ or Street Sale

If you’re moving into a brand new development alongside many other new neighbours, it’s a great idea to discuss hosting a ‘Welcome Potluck BBQ’ or a full street garage sale. With others in the same position as you, and looking to get to know who’s living on their street, a street-wide event can get your neighbours socializing. To spread the news, knock on doors or send around a flyer asking for those interested to give you a call or to send you an email. 

People at a yard sale on lawn in front of house

Eat And Buy Locally

To continue building relationships with your neighbours, be sure to frequent local businesses – grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. By shopping close to your neighbourhood, you’ll be more likely to run into your fellow neighbours and have the chance to connect when bumping into each other. These chance meetings can act as a segway to setting up get-togethers and play dates. 

Volunteer For Local Events

Just as shopping locally can help you to familiarize yourself with those living in your community, volunteering for local events can help you to meet new people and get involved in the town you call home. Volunteering for local events will also bring you fulfilment - as you are directly supporting the bettering of your community and its residents.

Accept & Give Assistance 

Once you’ve broken the ice with a few of your neighbours; don’t be shy to ask for or to give assistance. Asking for help builds trust, community, and can even support a budding friendship. If you need some help getting something heavy out of your car, accept your neighbours offer to assist you. If you’re out shovelling snow from your driveway, and don’t mind shovelling your neighbours too, go for it! Lending a helping hand can go a long way, and you never know when they might choose to return the favour. 

Connect With Bradley Today 

At Bradley Homes, we build more than just homes - we help to build prosperous and supportive communities. 

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