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Frequently Asked Questions:
Working with a Bradley Home Design Expert

17 Sep 2020

Whether you’re dreaming of a mid-century modern home or one that’s contemporary chic, the designs experts at Bradley Homes can help you execute on your vision. 

Buying a new home requires a lot of time and effort. From the initial research and financing options to touring homes and picking out design features, the entire home buying process can be long but extremely rewarding.

By far, one of our favourite stages in the home buying process is the design stage, where you get to personalize your home to suit your family’s lifestyle, match their visions, and turn the house into a home. 

interior photo of design studio at Bradley Homes

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Choose From Endless Design Possibilities 

At our Bradley Homes Design Studio, we have a large variety of on-trend standard options in all areas of your home including: flooring, tile, cabinets, and countertops. With a little creativity, you can achieve a personalized look through a variety of options. For those of you who do wish to upgrade, our Bradley Homes team will work with you to create your dream home within our design standards.

With years of experience in interior design, our talented Design Consultant is on hand to help guide you through this process. 
We often get a lot of questions from homeowners about upgrades, flooring and other design changes, so in this blog, our Design Consultant Marg has taken time to answer some of your frequently asked questions! 


Frequently Asked Design Studio Questions

My house isn’t close to being done. Why can I not make changes after my Design and Upgrade appointment? 

To ensure you have the information you need to make the best choices for your home, Bradley Homes provides you with upgrades and pricing specific to your house in advance, along with two appointments with a Colour and Design Specialist. Once your appointment is complete, the choices are irreversible.  

When selections are submitted, product and work orders go out to our many suppliers and trades; timelines are established, and our team works diligently to maintain timelines for your home. 

To ensure we are all in agreement with the selections, we require signoff after your Design and Upgrade appointment. We will ask you to sign-off on your choices as this step is serious and irreversible. 

Are we able to install our hardwood floors? I install hardwood floors professionally.

Although we understand the request to complete flooring (or any other trade) yourself, Bradley Homes is not permitted to support this in our building process.
Every Bradley Home has a warranty. Anything installed before Bradley Homes has closed on your house is covered under that warranty. This means that unfortunately, even if you are a certified professional with all of the safety and liability coverage, we are unable to warrant the work. After the home closes, the house is yours and you can install the hardwood floors. 

inside of Bradley Homes' Design Studio

Can we not install the carpet in the bedrooms and hallway upstairs?

Finished floor coverings are required for occupancy, therefore to provide you with a finished home when you close, we are required to complete floor coverings. 

To be compliant with building codes, the home must not have tripping hazards. This means that the transitions between different flooring and the nosing on hardwood stairs must be minimal, thus restricting Bradley Homes from not giving you some types of flooring. 

When do I choose all of the interior finishes?

Soon after the cooling-off period of your purchase of a Bradley Home, you will be contacted by our in-house designer. At this time, we will schedule your initial meeting to discuss the design and upgrade process. During this meeting, you will choose your exterior package for your home and address any structural changes you may have. At this time, you can also set up your consultation to select all of your interior finishes and upgrades.

We try very hard to make purchasing a new Bradley Home enjoyable. Everything is done with you: from selecting your lot and home, through to the process of picking items such as brick and siding, ending with all of the important details such as the pot lights in your hallway and the handles on your vanities. 

What can I expect from my design and colour meetings? 

The first meeting with the Colour and Design Consultant is to introduce you to our process and answer any questions you might have. This meeting is an orientation which includes discussion regarding where to find options and how to locate your upgrade pricing. At this first meeting, you will need to pick your exterior colour package and discuss items that could alter your permit or plot plan. We will walk you through these possible changes.

The second meeting with the Colour and Design Consultant is to select all interior design selections and upgrades. We recommend, before your scheduled meeting, you look through all of the upgrades that are available in your house and bring your questions to our Design experts. This second meeting is final as changes cannot be made after this meeting.

How do I know what upgrades I can afford with my budget?

At Bradley Homes, we provide an upgrade list with all of the upgrades available in your home. You determine which upgrades you would like in your home. Bradley Homes has created an opportunity for you to decide on your upgrades in advance of your colour consultation. No surprises, no shocks, no hidden fees. 

Bradley Homes is one of the few builders that provides price upgrades specifically to your home. We are happy to tell you, once you have an approved agreement of purchase and sale, we make these upgrade options and prices readily available to you by way of our web portal. You can review the many options available to you and decide on your budget on your own time and at your convenience.

Making all of our choices for the interior of our home in a single meeting feels overwhelming.

You are welcome to visit our design centre at any time during business hours to view our product selections. This, coupled with the web portal list of upgrades and prices, allow you the ability to peruse in a stress-free timeframe. We encourage and recommend you come in and visit the Design Centre in person to view the choices available to you.

The Interior colours and upgrades can be very overwhelming if you’re not ready. We provide a Design Centre in our Bear Creek Ridge Sales Office specifically for you and all customers to take their time to review colours and prepare questions before you meet with our professional Colour and Design Consultant. The Design Centre is open during the same hours as our sales office. We welcome, encourage and appreciate customers coming in to spend time in the Design Centre and peruse the choices in advance of their meeting.

inside of Bradley Homes' Design Studio

Am I able to customize my kitchen? For example, can I leave space for an oversized fridge or install wall ovens?

Yes! To customize your kitchen, we will provide a meeting directly with our kitchen supplier. He will provide a plan and price for you prior to your final colour consultation.  

Our kitchens are designed and created by professionals. However, if you want to make changes to the kitchen, we will provide you with the contact information with our kitchen supplier. You can set up a meeting and upgrade your kitchen directly with our supplier. As this is with our kitchen supplier, we will include this in your agreement with Bradley Homes. 

By leveraging this option, you must understand that this option must be considered immediately and discussed with the Colour and Design Consultant due to possible plumbing and electrical and plausible plan changes. This would need to be discussed during your first initial meeting with our colour and design consultant; changes may be structural and at the very least need to be accounted for before your design and upgrades meeting.

Can I change my floor plan for example add or remove walls or add a window?

Any modifications to a floor plan that requires removing, moving, or adding a wall requires recertification of drawings. This can be accommodated at a cost, early in the process. Some changes we may not be able to accommodate.

Our professionally designed floor plans are certified and architect, BCIN, Engineering, Truss packages as well as many other details have already been completed in our permit package. All models are certified. We have contracts and details worked out within our homes, including upgrades and specific possibilities you can select.

When we modify your home plan, we are looking at a large cost to change the permit, engineering, and many details that cost a dramatic amount of money. Although the change may appear relatively small, it may have a large impact on your home building process. Please talk to us and tell us what you would like to change as soon as possible. The best time to have these discussions is at the sales stage of buying the home. 

Can my island be a different colour than the rest of the kitchen? Can my uppers be a different colour than my lowers?

Yes! With both countertops and/or cabinets in the same standard or upgrade level, we can accommodate different colours.  

Do all of my bathrooms need to be the same? Is it ok to make them different?

This is your home! We provide you with a professional Colour and Design consultant to ensure your vision comes true. The best advice we can provide you with is to keep consistency throughout your home! As long as your design and colour concepts work with the rest of your house, they do not have to be the same.