Are All Homes Created Equal?

July 26, 2017

One of the common questions we hear from Canadian buyers is: Are all homes created equal? And it’s a great and important question to be asking. 

A house is likely the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make in your life – so asking questions is necessary, and getting answers to those questions is the key to making an informed financial decision.

A family looking at blue prints with a worker in front of a home under constructionREGULATIONS 

First and foremost, you should be aware of the regulations in place to protect you. In Ontario, home builders must not only have a valid Tarion licence number, but must also build according to municipal, provincial, and federal regulations.  

Building Codes protect public safety, health, and general welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of buildings and structures, and become the law of a particular jurisdiction when formally enacted by the appropriate governmental or private authority. 

However, just because there are safety standards and regulations in place within your township, it doesn’t mean that all builders build with the same pride, honesty, and transparency.   


In our opinion, the biggest difference between homes is the difference between home builders. Each builder, Tarion licence or not, offers a different selection of finishes, has a different style, offers different incentives, lists at different prices, builds in different locations, and has a unique reputation based on the quality of service they provide.


From flooring, to crown mouldings, to door handles, and ceiling heights – each builder offers different standards and upgrade options. When deciding which builder to hire, be sure to ask which features are included, which are not, and what options are available to you. This may impact your decision. 

Unlike other builders who offer just a few options for personalizing your home, Bradley Homes offers a stunning and diverse selection of finishing’s – fit for every type of family. Have something in mind? Browse our design studio to visualize the home of your dreams. 

Curious about our selection of house models? We have developed dozens of floor plans and designs, available to you before and during purchasing – they’re all up on our website for easy retrieval! Muskoka, Cedar, Station, Larson, and Bell, the list goes on. Scan our designs and find the model that is perfect for you and your family.VIEW MODELS


Not all builders offer incentives, perks, or additional features for homebuyers. In fact, most builders only offer the bare minimum and the cheapest solutions – to profit more themselves. 

Our response: Why work with builders who put only their interests and preferences first? 

When you buy a house from Bradley Homes, you get a lot more than the property and building. Our generous and extensive list of incentives are offered to all of our customers so you can maximize your investment, know exactly what you’re getting from the start, and what additional features and options are available to you.

Bradley Homes offers flexible closing dates, fully paved driveways, new home warranty, no hidden real estate fees, and more! Work with a builder who works for YOU! LEARN MORE


A lot of new homebuilders will claim they provide the lowest down payment terms in the industry, but only Bradley Homes does. In fact, we offer the LOWEST deposit in Canada! We also offer a $5000 bonus for townhomes and a $15,000 bonus for detached homebuyers. You can apply this money to your home, or to purchase upgrades – it’s up to you! 

Need help with financing? Our Barrie-based finance and mortgage expert John Burch is available to help! With Bradley Homes, we offer solutions that will not only help you to purchase the home you’ve always wanted, but we can also help to set you up for the life you’ve always wanted. EASY FINANCING


Not all builders consider their customer’s needs and wants when picking locations to build in. Often, builders jump on affordable land sales, no matter how inconvenient (not close to schools, or shops, or grocery stores) the area may be for their residents. 

Bradley Homes is proud to be building communities in Innisfil and Barrie Ontario. Located on the edge of pristine Lake Simcoe, this area offers a great lifestyle surrounded by sandy beaches, numerous parks, and access to the Trans Canada Trail, as well as quick and easy access to major urban centers.

The value of homes just north of the Greater Toronto Area is fantastic! Homebuyers will find unprecedented value, making your Bradley Home a great investment for the future, as well as a great investment in your family’s lifestyle.BRADLEY COMMUNITIES


Before you commit to buying a home, it’s important to do your homework and ask around about the builders you’re considering purchasing with. Be informed and investigate if the builder is easy to work with, produces quality work, and if their values match yours.

At Bradley Homes, the value we provide families goes far beyond our competitively priced homes and stunning models to choose from. We’re a registered member and in good standing with both the Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association and the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, and we believe our happy customer testimonials speak for themselves.TESTIMONIALS


Learn all about what we call the Bradley Benefits and discover how a positive, hassle-free home-buying experience feels. Contact us today to learn more. 

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