As a new home builder, we take a tremendous amount of pride in the homes and communities we build.

More importantly, we endeavour to delight the people for whom we build, throughout the purchasing process. Our goal isn’t to merely sell houses; our goal is to provide discerning homebuyers with an exceptional, personable, and worry-free experience, as they determine what type of home they want and the community in which they wish to live. 

As part of our commitment to customer service and support excellence, we actively seek our customers’ feedback on our services. And when our clients have something to say, we listen, and we respond promptly. 

Read what many of our valued customers have to say about their experiences purchasing and living in a Bradley Home.

Lino & Silvia

“Lino and I can’t thank you enough…this has been by far the most enjoyable experience, excellent customer service, extremely accommodating and the most elite quality home I have ever bought!

I wish you built out here in Toronto where I have purchased home after home and never been happy with the quality of service nor the detailed workmanship like Bradley Homes!!

Excellent service, quality workmanship, superb architectural designs, and just if that’s not enough affordable for everyone with the least down payment!!!!I can’t say thank you enough to all of you from the Sales Center to the Builder!!!! You are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS in every single aspect!!!!



“To the entire team at Bradley homes. Congratulations on a job well done. You have exceeded our expectations of what we thought would be your standard town home. Good workmanship throughout the house, and spacious rooms overall made our townhome a beautiful place to live in. Thank you again. And keep on building like you do.”


“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job Doug Trumble is doing for your company. He has been open, honest and patient with us. He has made this home purchase simply amazing. He has gone “above and beyond” my expectations.

I have purchased many properties in Canada and the US and this experience has been my favourite! The sales staff are helpful and exciting! I can’t wait to move into my new home. Please convey our thanks to Doug and his team.”


“I would like to thank Bradley Homes for their generosity in sponsoring a team lunch for my sons hockey team! I am the head coach of an Innisfil Winterhawks team and we recently participated in our first hockey tournament. Bradley Homes offered to sponsor a team lunch in between games. It was a great team building event and all the kids had a wonderful time. It was an experience we would not have had, had it not been for Bradley Homes generosity! 

Thank you Bradley Homes!”


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I have been with your service department. I have had to ask for help for my clients on various occasions and I have found them to be excellent in response time and in getting the issues resolved quickly for my clients. It makes it enjoyable to re-sell Bradley homes and it really goes a long way in my clients promoting your homes as well. Just wanted to say a quick thank you! Have a great day!”

James & Kate D.

“My wife and I would like to thank all the staff at Bradley Homes. They have helped us make our dream of home ownership a reality. We really appreciate all the help they gave us in the many times of need. We have never dealt with a more caring and understanding company before. We really felt as if we were part of the family.

We love our new house and are constantly bragging to everyone we meet about how amazing the experience was and also the quality of workmanship that went into our home!

We cannot thank you guys enough.”

C & H

“Wow, where to start. First I guess would be Doug and Lynn in the sales office. Amazing, great, and any other words to describe them. They actually went out of their way more than once just to make us happy. We cannot thank them enough for all their help. We had the pleasure of meeting Brad in the sales office and got his guarantee that our house would close on time. It did. We did the pdi with the service manager and had a very hard time to find anything wrong. I don’t know any other company that treat their customers like we were treated. If we win the lottery we will buy another house just to go through the experience again.”

M & M

“To Bradley Homes,

I just want to thank all of you for being understanding and compassionate with the purchase of my new home. Special thanks to Doug’s sincere efforts in helping us during this difficult time. Thank you Brad for taking personal interest and being “a man of your word”! Your family business values truly stand out in the community that you serve. It would be my pleasure to recommend your business!”

Ron Nokes C.E.T., R.H.I., C.R.T., C.I.A.Q.T. Level 1 Thermographer, Energy Auditor

“As a Professional Home Inspector of 27 years and a facilitator for the Ministry of Housing I have completed many PDI inspections for clients. Many Builders do not like Inspectors on their property during a PDI; Bradley Homes on the other hand encourages their clients to hire a Qualified Inspector. 

During the few inspections that we have done on their properties we have only found minor issues and as soon as we point them out to the representative from Bradley, they are on the phone and arranging repairs. Their response is so quick that when we have finished some of the repairs are already complete or being worked on.

My other comment is that in the buildings I have inspected, their attention to construction detail and going above the Codes is something I do not usually see in New Construction.”


“As a online reputation manager and SEO expert I work with companies on a daily basis that need my help. I’m happy to say that my home builder did not! My wife and I love our new home and are currently looking into buying another Bradley Home as a rental property. The service people were very approachable and answered all of my questions. This is our 4th new home in Innisfil and I would say the level of service from Bradley Homes has been exceptional. We still have a few outstanding issues but overall I’d say buying a Bradley home has been a good experience for me and my family. 

We love the design, layout and look forward to buying another Bradley Home in the very near future.”


“Thank you for an extremely positive buying experience from the very beginning to after Service. I happen to work in the New Home Industry and have had the privilege of working with several Top Name builders. 

I can honestly say that Bradley Homes ranks at the top in every dept. From Lynn in Sales to Doug working with me to design exactly what I was looking for, we butted heads a couple times only because I wanted certain things that couldn’t be altered in a town home. 

However Doug went way beyond making alternate suggestions & addressing any of my concerns during the building process, to the PDI with the service manager, a couple of small items needed addressing afterwards. Not only did the service manager and his team show up when they said they would they rectified items within a couple of days. 

People you seriously need to read your Tarion (Home Warranty) to understand the workmanship at Bradley Homes and their quick response to addressed items is Gold Standard! 

I highly recommend Bradley Homes to anyone!”


“I bought a home and had a good experience, stopped in with the wife to say hi…and we ended up liking another house! I cant believe I’m buying another home!”


“Friends Didn’t Enjoy the Experience…I am very happy with Bradley Homes- I had friends who bought a new home from a big toronto builder and had been delayed a few times and didn’t enjoy the experience – I am extremely proud to say my new home buying experience was fantastic! My father- who is very protective almost hugged the Service Manager when doing the pre-delivery inspection!

I would and have recommended Bradley Homes to family and friends!”

Happy Customer

“Worth the Wait…Congratulations to recent additions to the Bradley Homes community of homeowners. After sitting outside for almost 48 hours they were first in line for Bradley Homes limited release.”

Happy Customer

“Thank You…Congratulations of all kinds arrived at the Bradley Homes sales office – from champagne to cupcakes. 
The entire Bradley Homes team would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our launch of Bradley Homes.”