9 Housewarming Gift Ideas Your Friends Will Actually Love 

March 9, 2018

With the warmer spring weather and tax refunds rolling in, many homeowners and renters are looking to start fresh, and for some, this means moving into a new home!

So, if you have friends who are moving and will be hosting an upcoming housewarming party, we suggest that you bring them a housewarming gift that they’ll actually use and want to show off. After all, housewarming gifts are a gesture of respect and help your loved ones to celebrate the start of a new life in their new home! 

And while some people choose to spend their money on “gag” housewarming gifts or a traditional bottle of wine, it’s important to remember that you can get creative with your gifts and that thoughtful items are always most appreciated.  

Need some ideas? Help your friends and family embrace their new space with these nine unique and thoughtful housewarming gifts:


Potted plants are the gift that keeps on giving! A potted plant makes a great alternative to cut flowers or bouquets. Not only do they brighten up your home, they last much longer and give the recipient something to tend to and take care of for years to come.

If your friend or family member doesn’t have much of a green thumb, try a succulent! Low-maintenance, beautifully textured, and available in a stunning array of pastel hues, succulents are the go-to housewarming gift. 


Nothing says ‘Welcome Home’ quite like a personalized doormat, which is why they make a perfect housewarming gift. Old doormats usually don’t make it into the moving truck, so a fresh replacement will certainly be appreciated. You could add the family initials, a fun greeting commonly used by the homeowners, or keep it simple and classic! 


A beautiful vase or serving bowl makes a great, functional, décor piece for a new home. Find out the colour scheme your friend or family member is going to use, and pick out a gorgeous statement piece that fits right in! 


Every home needs a good coffee maker! And a smart coffee maker connects to a smartphone, making coffee brewing a breeze. Simply press a few buttons to choose exactly the type of coffee you want, and you’ll have a fresh, hot cup of joe exactly when you need it!


Scented candles are another great housewarming gift that you can’t go wrong with. Help your loved ones relax better with soothing fragrances, and add a touch of décor to their home with beautiful candle holders. 

Candles are also important to have on hand in case of an electrical power outage – making your gift even more thoughtful. Our suggestion is to pair your gift of scented candles with a few standard candles and some match sticks or a lighter. 


Help brighten up those bare walls with beautiful wall art – which can easily help to transform a house into a home. Choose pieces that fit with the colour scheme of the new house and reflect your friend or family member’s interests. You can also opt to create personalized wall art with a name, word, or phrase that is meaningful to them.


With a new place to entertain guests, your new homeowners will love some unique serving pieces to grace their celebrations. A slate cheese board makes the perfect gift for friends and family members who enjoy adding their own personal touch to everything they do. 


Help your friend or family member make use of their lawn or backyard with a useful gardening basket! A basket with basic gardening tools, a pot, a plant, dirt, and fertilizer will be the start of a garden that will be enjoyed for years to come! 


With everything still packed away after a move, it can be frustrating trying to find the right tools for the job. Make your loved ones’ lives a little easier by gifting them a tool box with all the basic tools they’ll be needing. 

Talk about practicality!