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8 Fun Design Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

09 Apr 2018

A child’s bedroom is the ultimate place to get creative with interior design and decorating! It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave, or magical as you want. Whether your child is a little princess, superhero, explorer, or detective, we’ve found some design ideas that will help inspire you to create the bedroom of your child’s dreams:

1. Go Crazy With Colour

There’s no easier way to jazz up a bedroom than with fun colours! Let your child’s personality shine by incorporating their favourite colours into the design of the room. You can easily add colour into a room by painting the walls, choosing colourful fabrics for curtains and bedding, choosing colourful furniture, and more! 

A very colourful girl's bedroom

2. Choose a Theme

Does your child dream of traveling to Paris? Is your child an avid Star Wars fan? Does your child love animals? Choose a theme that your child will love and design their bedroom accordingly. The below forest themed room is sure to delight any budding animal lover.

A minimalist forest themed bedroom

3. Make Space with Loft Beds

A loft bed is a great way to use space creatively in your child’s room. If you’re working with a smaller space, a loft bed will free up the floor area that a bed would have taken over. The area under the loft bed can then be used as storage space, a study corner, a play area, a reading nook, and more. The possibilities are endless! 

4. Create a Mini Art Gallery

Hanging up your child’s art is a great way to encourage them to be creative and imaginative. However, putting up art on the wall with just tape can end up looking tacky. A great way to show off your child’s artwork while still keeping the room looking great is by creating gallery space on a section of a wall.  

Some great ideas for hanging up your child’s art include using fun frames, putting up a corkboard with colourful pins, or using string and clothespins. 

A mother hangs her daughter's art on the wall while the daughter give har a thumbs up

5. Spark Creativity With Magnetic Chalkboard Walls

You can turn practically any wall in your home into a giant magnetic chalkboard wall! It’s as easy as choosing the wall (or section of a wall) you’d like to transform, adding a few layers of magnetic primer, and then adding a few layers of chalkboard paint. 

If you’re opting for just a section of a wall to turn into a magnetic chalkboard, you can jazz it up even further by adding a frame or border around the area.  If you have a toddler and don’t like the idea of small pieces of chalk laying around, you can skip the chalkboard paint and use just the magnetic paint to create a magnetic wall that your little one can stick colourful magnets to.  

Alternatively, you can also stick with just a chalkboard wall, opting out of magnets by skipping the magnetic paint.

A child's bedroom with half the wall made into a chalkboard surface

6. Illuminate With Fairy Lights

The right lighting can transform a space from dull to magical - with just a flick of a switch! Fairy lights are a great way to brighten up a child’s bedroom. You can incorporate fairy lights around a bed, tent, or play area, or you can add them to a specific corner to highlight a particular aspect of a bedroom (such a reading nook or a photo gallery).  

Bonus Tip:You can also fill a mason jar with fairy lights to create a whimsical nightlight!

A bedroom with lots of fairy lights

7. Encourage Reading with a Unique Bookshelf

If you have a little bookworm on your hands, creating a unique space for them to store their books can be a great feature in their bedroom. In addition to shelving, you can also incorporate a chair, cushion, or hammock - to create a dedicated reading nook. 

A creative bookshelf shaped like a branching tree with colourful books

8. Incorporate a Fort or Tent

Kids love forts – even if it’s just a blanket over some chairs and a few pillows. So – why not bring those elements into your child’s bedroom

If your child’s bed is a loft bed, you can easily transform the space underneath into a fort by adding a curtain wall and a cozy seating area. Alternatively, you can include a teepee or small tent in a corner of the bedroom that your child can use as a fort, play area, or a reading nook. 

A mother and daughter reading a book within an indoor teepee