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10 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Re-Sale

01 Mar 2018

It’s never a good idea to list your house before taking the time to de-clutter, renovate, and strategize your presentation. Why? Well, you should always put your best foot (house) forward – to impress buyers and to persuade them to submit a competitive offer that doesn’t undervalue your home. 

For Sale sign with home out of focus in background

In this article, we outline our top ten tips on how to make sure your home is in its best shape to sell:

1. De-Personalize Your Home

While you don’t want your home to feel too stuffy for potential buyers, you do need to de-personalize your home for re-sale showings. This includes removing any photos on the walls, taking down any calendars with important dates, and tidying away any “out of place” dirty clothing on the floor, food, dishes, hair products, etc. In other words, your home should resemble something like a hotel – clean, minimal, somewhat generic, and welcoming. 

De-personalizing your home is essential for two main reasons. One: it helps prospective buyers to imagine themselves in your home, instead of picturing a different family within the home. Two: it protects your privacy – as giving away too much information about who you are, what your family looks, when you like to vacation, etc. can put you at risk.

2. Improve Lighting 

For buyers to get a good look at your home, you’ll likely need to improve the lighting in main areas of your house. Over time, many of us neglect to replace our blubs and our light fixtures; however, lighting can do wonders for selling a home. Think about any home fixture retailer (like Lowes, Ikea, or Home Depot) – when people are inspecting something they’re considering investing in, they want to get a good look. 

Also, new light fixtures can update and greatly improve the look of an entire room. In fact, a great fixture may be the reason a room speaks to a buyer and sells them on your house! Take a look at these captivating pendant lights by Feiss. Now that’s a well-lit room! 

3. Scrub The Bathrooms 

When was the last time your household bathrooms received a good clean? If you’re preparing for re-sale, it’s time to put in some serious work on your tiles, tub, toilet, and sinks. Think about it: would you want to buy a home if all of the bathrooms were gross? 

And if cleaning isn’t your thing, or you don’t have enough time to clean thoroughly, call a local cleaning service – they’ll be sure to help you out!

4. Spruce The Yard

If you’re looking to sell in the fall, spring, or summer, the presentation of your outdoor space matters. Buyers want to see a home in its best shape. So, take some time to tidy your yard, clear away any leaves, pick up any litter that may have blown onto your property, and add some outdoor décor if the weather permits. 

Simple ways to spruce-up your yard include adding a garden, putting out patio furniture, or decorating your porch for the season.

5. Freshen Up The Bedrooms 

To really sell the bedrooms in your home, we suggest that you freshen up the linens, the curtains, and the rugs. It’s also always a good idea to make sure the beds are made before any showing of your home and that each room smells nice. You can achieve this by purchasing some air fresheners, lighting a candle leading up to the showing (be sure to blow it out before you leave), and by opening up the windows to air out your home when the weather is nice. 

6. Clear The Kitchen 

One of the most important selling features of any home is the kitchen. It’s therefore critical that you invest in your kitchen and keep it in tip-top shape during all of your showings. That means all of your dishes should be away, the sinks should be clean, counters should be wiped, and the floor should be swept. 

If your kitchen is out-dated, it may be wise to renovate prior to listing your home. Updating the counter tops, cupboards, and adding a backsplash can greatly increase the value of your home. 

Beautiful kitchen with lights off in new luxury home with island, pendant lights, and glass fronted cabinets, and view of dining room

7. Clean The Carpets

If you live in an older home, have smoked in your home, or have pets, it’s strongly suggested that you have your carpets cleaned before selling. Professional carpet cleaning companies will be able to lift any stains, remove dander and allergens, and refresh the look of your carpet. 

8. De-clutter 

In addition to tidying your home, preparing for re-sale is also a great opportunity to sort, de-clutter, and purge anything you no longer need or want. Consider hosting a garage sale or sell some of your items online. If possible, you may also want to donate any new or lightly used items to a local shelter or charity. 

9. Focus On Your Front Entrance 

We bet you’ve heard the phrase, “make a good first impression”. We also bet you’ve heard the phrase, “make an entrance”. And when it comes to your home, both are important. As the first location any potential buyer will walk through and see - your front door entrance should be bright, welcoming, and well kept. Be sure to put away all shoes and coats, sweep away the dirt, and consider making your entrance look larger with a wall mirror. 

10. Touch Up The Paint 

If you have any scuffs, chips, or scratches on your walls, it’s wise to touch up the paint in your home before a realtor brings anyone to see your property. A new coat of paint can give any room an instant “face lift”. It is suggested that light, warm colours (white, beige, light grey, light blue, yellow) are always preferred – as dark colours can make a room look smaller. 

With these tips, you’ll be well equipped to sell your home for the price it’s worth (and maybe even more!). However, if your home is still not selling, be sure to investigate staging options through your realtor. 

We wish you the best of luck!